Scientific Program

Orthopaedic Summit and ISHA 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting.

As we find our selves still in uncertain times, this year to maximise the opportunity to have some kind of in person meeting, the ISHA Board are most grateful to the Orthopaedic Summit Board in extending the opportunity to have a combined in person meeting at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, USA.  This combined meeting will run from Saturday 11 – Tuesday 14 December 2021.

Details of the latest programme can be found on the OrthoSummit website.

The ISHA specific program, combined with the OSET Hip Sport Programme will run from lunchtime on Sunday, 12 December 2021 until 18:00 on Tuesday, 14 December 2021.

ISHA members will be able to enjoy:

  • ISHA dedicated program sessions
  • ISHA research paper sessions (oral and eposter)
  • Industry supported Cadaver Labs
  • ICL sessions
  • Live Surgery sessions
  • Attendance at any of the Orthosummit varied program sessions
  • Access to the Commercial Exhibition

Call for research abstracts is currently open, submission deadline is 1 Auguest 2021.

Call for ICLs will be opened at the beginning of July 2021.

o help you do just that. The ISHA 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting runs over two and a half days, from 8:00 on Wednesday 13 October, to 13:00 on Friday 15 October (timings are subject to change). This will constitute a host of parallel sessions to cover such topics as FAI, Instability (Dysplasia); Extra-Articular conditions, rehabilitation and Treatment Complications, amongst many others. Industry sponsored lunchtime workshops (we’ll provide you with lunch in a box so you won’t go hungry); debates on such things as The Science of Hip Preservation; interactive course lectures; free papers; awards, and more.

We wish you a fruitful and enjoyable experience at ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society’s 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting and look forward to seeing you in Ottawa.

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