Local Host Organisations

Spanish Arthroscopy Association (AEA Asociación Española de Artroscopia)

In 1982 the Spanish Arthroscopy Association, formed by orthopedic surgeons interested in the development of this technique is based.

The aims of the Association research, study and dissemination of diagnostic and surgical arthroscopic techniques, promoting their development in all its breadth and its subsidiary disciplines.

The AEA is the principle promoter of all levels of training in arthroscopy in Spain. They run courses in anatomy and arthroscopic surgery, an Annual National congress to share knowledge and exchange views, and also produce the Journal of Arthroscopy. The AEA website provides regularly updated information on courses; conferences; prizes, and scholarships in the field of arthroscopy, as well as news regarding their board decisions.

Spanish Orthopedic Society (SECOT)

The Spanish Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology (SECOT) is a medical scientific association that promotes the advancement of scientific knowledge and the central role of the Orthopedic Surgeon-Traumatologist with the aim of promoting, creating, and communicating knowledge of the locomotor system to ensure mobility, health and quality of life of patients.

The Society was founded on July 6, 1935.
Its objectives are to combine the interests of medical specialists to encourage the development of the medical-surgical specialty of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, and to stimulate and contribute to its teaching, based on the ethical principles of Medicine and professional practice, and its research. To fulfill these objectives, the SECOT encourages the exposition of topics concerning the specialty through the organization of Annual Congresses, training courses and scientific meetings, commitment to the study of the disciplines that constitute or are related to the specialty, stimulating relationships with all specialists and facilitating the exchange of their professional, scientific and cultural experiences.

Spanish Hip Society (SECCA)


By J. Girós

The Spanish Society of Hip Surgery (SECCA) was established in Barcelona on June 7, 1985 by a group of Orthopedic Surgeons and Traumatologists interested in the pathology of the hip, promoted by Dr. Rafael Orozco Delclós.

In the act of constitution, the promoters, in their capacity as members of the Management Committee, agreed to establish a National Association adopting the SECCA logo for hip articulation, and the Association’s Statutes were approved.

The members of the Management Committee outlined in the articles of incorporation (R. Orozco, C. Torner, R. and A. Viladot, A. Fernández Sabaté, L. Orozco, J. Cañadell, J.Mª. Vilarrubias, A. Navarro and JL Imizcoz) established as the primary objective of the Association to join efforts, coordinate programs, promote and establish research projects and help and promote the exchange of ideas among all professionals interested in the study of the hip, as well as the relationship with other organizations with similar or complementary objectives. To this end, the organization of courses, seminars, congresses, etc … was proposed.

Once the statutes were approved by the Ministry of the Interior on March 25, 1986 and registered by the Generalitat de Catalunya on June 18, 1986, the Constituent Assembly was held in the building of the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad de Navarre in Pamplona on September 18, 1986 within the framework of the SECOT Congress.


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