Virtual Surgery Simulation Sessions

ISHA and proud to offer virtual reality hip surgery training sessions during ISHA’s 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting in partnership with two of the leading simulator manufacturers VirtaMed and 3D Systems.


We value simulation as part of the contemporary surgeon’s curriculum; learning the basic skills and procedure steps in a risk-free environment. Participants will have the chance to work one-on-one with trainers to learn the best ways to improve their arthroscopic skills.

Our two sponsors will offer different training procedures each of 1 hour duration.

These sessions use VirtaMed’s ArthroS™ hip arthroscopy simulator, which includes various basic skills, diagnostic and therapeutic cases. The simulator has been developed with a special focus on access training: the anatomic model looks, feels and behaves like a real hip, so trainees can palpate the bony landmarks or manipulate the joint to find their way. Thanks to the virtual reality interface, surgeons in training can also simulate fluoroscopic imaging in a safe, radiation free environment.

Each session is an hour long and will teach participants how to:

  • correct portal placement aided by virtual fluoroscopy
  • manage a 70° scope
  • triangulate instruments in both central and peripheral compartments, including use of distal and proximal anterolateral portals
  • conduct diagnostic tours, including:
    • labrum rupture
    • cam deformity of femoral neck
    • cartilage flap on the acetabulum caused by cam impingement
  • perform therapeutic procedures, including:
    • remove loose bodies
    • cam decompression

ISHA would like to thank the contribution of Smith + Nephew, Karl Storz and Zimmer Biomet in making these sessions possible.



These sessions use Simbionix ARTHRO Mentor This training simulator has been developed for hip, shoulder and knee arthroscopic surgical training. It provides an effective tool for arthroscopic surgery skills acquisition, the system reduces training time and considerably improves the learning curve of the complex surgery techniques

Each session is an hour long and will teach participants how to:

  • Managing a 70° scope during a visual examination of the hip
  • Basic probe examination and triangulation
  • Advanced probe examination
  • Diagnosis of diverse pathological cases such as:
    • Inflamed Pulvinar in the Acetabular Fossa
    • Partially torn Ligamentum Teres
    • Anterior Acetabular cartilage delamination
    • Loose bodies


There will be a prize of a complimentary registration to ISHA 2020 which will be awarded to the highest-skilled participant in each of the two training programmes, as measured by the simulation metrics. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance (not eligible for CME credits).

Sessions have limited spaces and are available on a first come basis at a charge of Euros €50.

Registered delegates will be sent a booking form to enable pre-booking.

Registration is open to registered participants of ISHA 2019 only.  If you have already registered for ISHA 2019, use the link button below to book your virtual training session.

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