Scientific Programme

ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society welcomes you to the ISHA 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting.

Our theme for this year is Building the Hip Preservation Team, and you will find plenty in our programme to help you do just that. We begin with a full day of sessions focussing on the basics of hip preservation on Wednesday 16th October, with sessions tailored to prioritise the needs of specific healthcare professional groups. Thus we have sessions for Spanish speakers; English speakers; the Asian Society; and the physiotherapy community, all running in tandem. You can chose which will best suit your needs by looking at the full programmes for each:

PHP Course – Asia Society Programme

PHP Course – English Speakers’ Programme

PHP Course – Physiotherapy Programme

PHP Course – Iberian & Latin Programme

Following the Principles in Hip Preservation day, the ISHA 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting runs over two and a half days, from 8:00 on Thursday 17th October, to 13:00 on Saturday 19th. This will constitute a host of parallel sessions to cover such topics as Dysplasia; Planning, Navigation & Robotics; and Communicating Risk & Managing Complications, amongst many others. Industry sponsored lunchtime workshops (we’ll provide you with lunch in a box so you won’t go hungry); debates on such things as Building the Hip Preservation Team; interactive course lectures; free papers; awards, and more. Full details can be found at:

I wish you a fruitful and enjoyable experience at ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society’s 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting, and look forward to seeing you in Madrid.


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