Asian Society Meeting

Wednesday 3 October 2018

  1. Time: 13:30 – 19:00

Venue: Room 105/106, Level 1, The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition  Centre (MCEC)

13:30    Opening Remarks

13:40    A) The status of hip arthroscopy & hip preservation surgery in Asia


Deuk Soo Hwang, South Korea


Xue Song Wang, China

(1) Korea

(2) China

(3) Taiwan

(4) Japan

(5) East Asia

Phil Sung Kim, South Korea

Xue Song Wang, China

Yi Sheng Chan, Taiwan

Yasuhiro Yamamoto, Japan

Deuk Soo Hwang, South Korea

14:15  B) Special techniques I


Sochi Uchida, Japan


Ji Wu Chen, China

(1) The Dienst technique of peripheral first entry to the joint

(2) Arthroscopic internal fixation of acetabular rim fracture

(3) Hip arthroscopic management for benign tumor: synovial chondromatosis and osteoid osteoma

(4) Capsular managements : from repair to reconstruction

(5) Management for cartilage damage. Basic science – Future perspective



Jason Brockwell, Hong Kong

Jung Mo Hwang, South Korea

Yan Xu, China

Kotaro R Shibata, Japan

Hajime Utsunomiya, Japan

14:57 C) Case presentations I


Myung Sik Park, South Korea


Yi Sheng Chan, South Korea

(1) Takashi Sando, Japan

(2) Haruki Nishimura, Japan

(3) Qing Feng Yin, China

(4) Seung Min Choi, Korea

(5) Jin Zhang, China

(6) Chunbao Li, China


15:37 D) Hip preservation surgery – Osteotomy


Yong Chan Ha, South Korea


Jason Brockwell, Hong Kong

(1) Acetabular RAO

(2) Ganz PAO

(3) Shelf Operation

(4) Femoral osteotomy

Takuma Yamasaki, Japan

Myung Sik Park, South Korea

Sochi Uchida, Japan

Dianz Hong Luo, China


16:27 Refreshment Break

16:47 E) Special techniques II


Jan Quan Wang, China


Takuma Yamasaki, Japan

(6) Hip arthroscopic management for cartilage : technique and future perspective

(7) Approach to mixed type femoroacetabular impingement with an unusual large pincer lesion: A key note on arthroscopic technique of pinceroplasty

(8) Arthroscopic reduction & internal fixation of acetabular fracture

(9) Different compartmental approach for simultaneous internal snapping hip and pincer type FAI


Hajime Utsunomiya, Japan


Yi Sheng Chan. Taiwan

Ou Yang  Kan, China

Ru Yu Pan, Taiwan

17:22 F) Case presentations II


Ru Yu Pan, Taiwan

(6) Jin Zhang, China

(7) Tae Hyung Kim, Korea

(8) Tien Yu Yang, Taiwan

(9) Kuo Chung Cheng, Taiwan

(10) Gang Chen, China


Yan Xu, China

17:57  G) Controversies in Asian Hip Arthroscopy


John O’Donnell, Australia


Suenghwan Jo, South Korea

(1) Indications for Hip arthroscopy : Are we overemphasizing its use?

(2) Is the prevalence of FAI lower in Asian population?

(3) How are we rehabilitating our patients after FAI surgery in Asia?

(4) Strategy for approaching dysplastic hip in Asia

(5) What is the strategy in patients with borderline dysplasia and femoroacetabular impingement?

(6) An imaging anatomy study of the acetabular labrum tear

(7) Publications on Hip Arthroscopy from South Korea


Ji Wu Chen , China

Pil  Whan Yoon, South Korea

Michihisa Aoyama, Japan

Woo Chul Jung, South Korea

Hao-Chae Tang, Taiwan


Jianquan Wang, China

Young-Kyun Lee, South Korea

18:53 Closing Remarks

19:00 End


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