Information For Speakers & Authors – ISHA 2018

E – Poster and Video Presentations

We are working with MultiLearning to provide the eposter and video presentation platform for ISHA 2018.

They have written to all submitting authors who have had abstracts submitted for EPoster and Video presentation

For a copy of the uploading instructions and to download the two EPoster template options please click links below.

Invited Faculty

Confirmation of your final schedules including presentation and moderating activities will be sent to you in early September.

Submission Information

Can we ask that you upload via the links below abstracts for your presentation, a photograph and 300 word biograph for inclusion in conference digital materials.  Guidelines for invited faculty abstract submission are available via the link below.

Please also complete the copyright consent and disclosure forms and submit along with abstracts, bio and photo by the 20 August 2018 at the latest thank you.

Invited Faculty Registration

We ask that invited faculty register for ISHA 2018 using the Invited Faculty Registration link below

Invited Faculty and Podium Presenter Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines have been drafted to help inform you of the room set up and facilities available for presenters at ISHA 2018.

A copy of the guidelines can be downloaded via the link below.

We will provide in early September, the link to the presentation upload server which will be available for you to upload your presentation in advance of the conference.  There will be a speaker ready room situated on Level 1 of MCEC.

Please me reminded that all faculty, session chairs, eposter and video presenters must register for the conference.

Future Meetings