Physiotherapy Program

Physiotherapy Program Organising Committee

Associate Professor Amir Takla and Michael Voight  are the Physiotherapy program chairs  for ISHA 2018.

They  have produced an outstanding program, bringing together some of the worlds leading practitioners in hip physiotherapy in both preservation and rehabilitation.

Amir has also  chaired the  global ISHA physiotherapy group since 2013.

Program Faculty

Amir Takla                                                   Australia

Mike Voight                                                 United States

Keelan Enski                                               United States

RobRoy Martin                                            United States

Dave Kohlrieser                                           United States

Barry Getz                                                   South Africa

Liran Lifshitz                                                Israel

Tim Tyler                                                      United States

Carrie Hall                                                   United States

Adrian De Bortoli                                         Brazil


Program Information

Further program information to follow.


Future Meetings