Friday 18th October

Parallel Seminars and Plenary Sessions

08.00 - 10.00S9Children and adolescent hips
Organised by the European Hip Society (EHS)
Room: Castilla
Klaus Siebenrock
Manel Ribas
08.00 - 08.40Introduction
08.04 - 08.11ICLS9.1Cam FAI resection in the adolescent - is it to early? Michael Dienst
08.13 - 08.20ICLS9.2Perthes disease – when to interveneMoritz Tannast
08.22 - 08.29ICLS9.3SCFE – treatment todayKlaus Siebenrock
08.31 - 08.38ICLS9.4DDH – PAO with still open physisJens Goronzy
08.38 - 09.02ICL Paper Discussion
09.02 - 09.09FPS9.5Ischiofemoral Impingement in Adolescents: from Clinical
Presentation to Return to Sports
Javier Besomi
09.11 - 09.18FPS9.6Ten-Year Outcomes in Adolescents Following Hip Arthroscopy
for FAI and Labral Repair
Travis Menge
09.20 - 09.27FPS9.7FAI Surgery in the Adolescent Patient Population: Mild Deformities
and Lack of Sports Participation are Associated with an Increased
Risk of Treatment Failure
Jeffrey Nepple
09.29 - 09.36FPS9.8Hip Arthroscopy in Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis: Articular
Damage and time to Scope
Javier Besomi
09.36 - 10.00FP Discussion and Wrap Up
08.00 - 10.00S10The Hip In Sport
Room: Hidalgo
Chuck Cakic
Geoff van Thiel
08.00 - 08.04Introduction
08.04 - 08.11ICLS10.1Different sports, different hips, different challengesJoshua Harris
08.13 - 08.20ICLS10.2Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome: predicting
Travis Maak
08.22 - 08.29ICLS10.3Does hip screening work in winter sport athletes?Lauren Pierpoint
08.29 - 08.53ICL Paper Discussion
08.53 - 09.00FPS10.4Biomechanical Evaluation of the Hip Joint Motion in Water
Polo Players
Marc Safran
09.02 - 09.09FPS10.5Hip Screening of a Professional Ballet Company using
Ultrasound-Assisted Physical Examination: Diagnosing
the at-Risk Hip.
Michelle Rodriguez
09.11 - 09.18FPS10.6Arthroscopic treatment for femuroacetabular
impingement in elite athletes- 5-year follow up
Ida Lindman
09.20 - 09.27FPS10.7Patient-Reported Outcomes for a Return to Running
RehabilitationProgram Following Hip Arthroscopy
Ryan McGovern
09.29 - 09.36FPS10.8Psychological Readiness after Hip ArthroscopySean T. Lynch
09.36 - 10.00FP Discussion and Wrap Up
08.00 -10.00S11Labral Repair
Room: Auditorium
John O'Donnell
Pedro Dantas
08.00 - 08.04Introduction
08.04 - 08.11ICLS11.1What is it and what does it really do in our patients? Does it
just hurt?
Christoph Gebhart
08.13 - 08.20ICLS11.2Where is the evidence now on when to repair or debride?Jeffrey Nepple
08.22 - 08.29ICLS11.3How should we repair the labrum? Dozens of methods:
does it matter which we user?
Patrick Carton
08.31 - 08.38ICLS11.4When and how do you augment the labrum? Does that work?Marc Philippon
08.38 - 09.02ICL Paper Discussion
09.02 - 09.09FPS11.5A cadaveric study Comparing Hip Contact Pressures Between
Acetabulum Labral Repair vs Total Labral Reconstruction
Shane Nho
09.11 - 09.18FPS11.6The effect of cam impingement on complexity of labral tears; A
multi-center descriptive study
Dominic Careirra
09.20 - 09.27FPS11.7Primary Labral Reconstruction in Patients with Femoroacetabular
Impingement, Irreparable Labral Tears, and Severe Acetabular
Chondral Defects Decreases the Risk and Rate of Conversion to
Total Hip Arthroplasty. A Pair-Matched Study.
David Maldonado
09.29 - 09.36FPS11.8Long-Term Survivorship following Labral Reconstruction Karen Briggs
09.36 - 10.00FP Discussion and Wrap Up
08.00 -10.00S12Communicating risk and managing complications
Room: Doblon
Marc Tey
Hatem Said
08.00 - 08.04Introduction
08.04 - 08.11ICLS12.1Classifying complicationsPaul Beaule
08.13 - 08.20ICLS12.2Risks of arthroscopy; what are they and how can I avoid them?Thomas Wuertz
08.22 - 08.29ICLS12.3Risks of open hip preservation surgery; what are they and
how can I avoid them?
John Clohisy
08.31 - 08.38ICLS12.4Consent and the medicolegal environment; international
Majid Hassan
08.38 - 09.02ICL Paper Discussion
09.02 - 09.09FPS12.5Latrogenic Cartilage Injury During Hip Arthroscopy: A Common
Occurrence that Results in Superficial Cartilage Cell Death
Robert Westermann
09.11 - 09.18FPS12.6There is a low rate of infections and subsequent 30- and 60-day
admission rates in primary hip arthroscopy, revision hip
arthroscopy and cases converted to total hip arthroplasty.
Wesley Verhooght
09.20 - 09.27FPS12.7Intraabdominal Fluid Extravasation After Hip Arthroscopy:
Incidence and Risk Factors
Bernardo Aguillera
09.29 - 09.36FPS12.8The Effects of Hip Arthroscopy without a Perineal Post on
Venous Blood Flow, Muscle Damage, Peripheral Nerve
Conduction, and Perineal Injury: A Prospective Study
K Linnea Welton
09.36 - 10.00FP Discussion and Wrap Up
08.00 -10.00 US1Ultrasound Practical WorkshopChairs: Ehud Rath and Eyal Amar
10.00 - 10.30Refreshment Break - Trade Exhibition and E-Posters
10.30 - 11.30PL3Developments in Hip PreservationChair: Nicolas Bonin
10.30 - 10.34IntroductionNicolas Bonin
10.34 - 10.44PL3.1ISHA consensus on how to assess patients with
FAI syndrome
Sarkhell Radha
10.44 - 10.55PL3.2The future of biologics in hip preservationJohnny Huard
10.54 - 11.04PL3.3Advanced osteotomy: pushing the limitsPaulo Rego
11.04 - 11.15PL3.4Circumferential allograft labral reconstruction (video presentation)Brian White
11.14 - 11.30Discussion
11.30 - 12.30DB2Debate 2: Should we be doing more primary labral
Chair: Richard Villar
11.30 - 11.35IntroductionRichard Villar
11.3455 - 11.40Yes, labral tears degeneration are best treated by reconstructionAndrew Wolff
11.40 - 11.45No, we should repair and preserve the labrumShane Nho
11.45 - 11.50Yes, labral tears degeneration are best treated by reconstructionTony Andrade
11.50 - 11.55No, we should repair and preserve the labrumStephen Aoki
11.55 - 12.15Cross Examination
12.15 - 12.25Summing up ( 4 mins for and 4 mins against)
12.25 - 12.30Vote and Wrap Up
12.30 - 14.00Lunch - Trade Exhibition and E-Posters
12.45 - 13.35/13.55Industry Sponsored Lunchtime Workshops x 3
14.00 - 15.00PL4Building the Hip Preservation TeamChair: John O'Donnell
14.00 - 14.04IntroductionJohn O'Donnell
14.04 - 14.11PL4.1Training as a hip preservation surgeonBenjamin Domb
14.11 - 14.18PL4.2Training as a hip specialist physiotherapistAmir Takla
14.18 - 14.25PL4.3Working as a TeamHugh West
14.25 - 14.32PL4.4Measuring what we do for the patientsNick Mohtadi
14.32 - 14.39PL4.5Measuring what we do for societyRichard Mather
14.40 - 15.00Discussion
15.00 - 16.00DB3Debate 3: Should we intervene early for the hip at risk?Chair: Al Stubbs
15.00 - 15.05IntroductionAl Stubbs
15.05 - 15.10Yes, if it’s going to degenerate let’s preserve it nowJeffrey Nepple
15.10 - 15.15No, if it doesn’t hurt don’t touch itRichard Field
15.15 - 15.20Yes, if it’s going to degenerate let’s preserve it nowDean Matsuda
15.20 - 15.25No, if it doesn’t hurt don’t touch itOlufemi Ayeni
15.25 - 15.45Cross Examination
15.45 - 15.55Summing up (4 mins For and 4 mins against)
15.55 - 16.00Vote and Wrap Up
16.00 - 16.30Refreshment Break - Trade Exhibition and E-Posters
16:00 - 18:00US2Ultrasound Practical WorkshopChairs: Ehud Rath and Eyal Amar
16.30 - 18.30S13FAI Surgery
Room: Auditorium
JW Thomas Byrd
Oliver Marín-Peña
16.30 - 16.34Introduction
16.34 - 16.41ICLS13.1Surgical sculpture: performing an ideal arthroscopic cam
Benjamin Domb
16.43 - 16.50ICLS13.2Dealing with pincer: To take down the labrum or not?Thomas Sampson
16.52 - 16.59ICLS13.3Os acetabuli: different treatments for different sorts.Bent Lund
17.01 - 17.08ICLS13.4Why every patient needs the possibility of surgical
dislocation: the best way to do precision surgery?
Diego Collado
17.08 - 17.32ICL Paper Discussion
17.32 - 17.39FPS13.5Influence of surgery interval between first and second hip in
bilateral hip arthroscopy for femoroacetabular impingement
Javier Sanz-Reig
17.41 - 17.48FPS13.6Long-Term Patient Reported Outcomes Following Isolated
Acetabuloplasty for Femoroacetabular Impingement
- 5 Year Average Follow-Up
Matthew Hartwell
17.50 - 17.57FPS13.715-Year Follow up After Surgical Hip Dislocation for Patients
with Cam-Type Femoroacetabular Impingement results in
high survivorship
Till Lerch
17.59 - 18.06FPS13.8Surgical Treatment of Femoroacetabular Impingement:
Arthroscopy vs Surgical Hip Dislocation – A
Propensity Matched Analysis
John Clohisy
18.06 - 18.30FP Discussion and Wrap Up
16.30 - 18.30S14Hip-spine syndrome
Room: Castilla
Filiep Bataille
Marcelo Queiroz
16.30 - 16.34Introduction
16.34 - 16.41ICLS14.1The hip can affect the spineJuan Gomez-Hoyos
16.43 - 16.50ICLS14.2The spine can affect the hipFiliep Bataille
16.52 - 16.59ICLS14.3Isciofemoral impingement is a connection between hip and spineHal Martin
17.01 - 17.08ICLS14.4Osteitis pubis and sacroiliac joint pain: A hip, a spine or a pure
pelvic problem
Sochi Uchida
17.08 - 17.32ICL Paper Discussion
17.32 - 17.39FPS14.5Concomitant Lumbar Spine Pathology in Patients Undergoing
Hip Arthroscopy: A Matched Cohort Analysis
Thomas Youm
17.41 - 17.48FPS14.6Low back pain-related disability, but not pain, is associated with
worse patient-reported hip function for patients with
non-arthritic hip disease.
John Ryan
17.50 - 17.57FPS14.7The Influence of Lumbosacral Spine Pathology on Achieving
Meaningful Clinical Improvements in Patients Undergoing
Arthroscopic Surgery for Femoroacetabular Impingement
Benedict Nwachukwu
17.59 - 18.06FPS14.8Improvement in Lower Back Pain and Function After
Hip Arthroscopy
Thomas Youm
18.06 - 18.30FP Discussion and Wrap Up
16.30 - 18.30S15Cartilage injury and repair
Room: Hidalgo
Jacek Mazek
Gregor Möckel
16.30 - 16.34Introduction
16.34 - 16.41ICLS15.1How should we image hip cartilage in 2020?Christoph Zilkens
16.43 - 16.50ICLS15.2Microfracture AMIC and ScaffoldsNicolas Bonin
16.52 - 16.59ICLS15.3Chondrocytes and stem cellsRodrigo Mardones
16.59 - 17.23ICL Paper Discussion
17.23 - 17.30FPS15.4Can a Biopolymer Scaffold Injected Arthroscopically Restore
Articular Cartilage and Delay Hip Osteoarthritis?
Ivan Wong
17.32 - 17.39FPS15.5Short-Term Outcomes Following Hip Arthroscopic Microfracture
Augmented with Allograft Cartilage
Amy Tremell
17.41 - 17.48FPS15.6Biological reconstruction versus traditional microfracture
techniques in hip preservation arthroscopic surgery for FAI.
Rishi Chana
17.50 - 17.57FPS15.7Injectable autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) in acetabular
cartilage defects – three-year clinical and radiological results
Joerg Schroder
17.59 - 18.06FPS15.824 months after arthroscopic matrix-associated autologous
chondrocyte transplantation of the hip –significant
improvement of PROs and MRI using an injectable hydrogel
Stefan Fickert
18.06 - 18.30FP Discussion and Wrap Up
16.30 - 18.30S16Teamwork and Training
Room: Doblon
Al Stubbs
Rintje Agricola
16.30 - 16.34Introduction
16.34 - 16.41ICLS16.1We all need to work as part of a multidisciplinary teamPer Holmich
16.43 - 16.50ICLS16.2Why should surgeon and physio be joined at the hipMike Voight
16.52 - 16.59ICLS16.3Non-technical skills in the OR: Faster, safer surgeryMichael Muldoon
16.59 - 17.23ICL Paper Discussion
17.23 - 17.30FPS16.4In office screening by a physiotherapist for new hip
patients increases efficiency of a hip arthroscopists
Jennifer Marland
17.32 - 17.39FPS16.5The (lack of) diagnostic value of an intra-articular anesthetic
injection in detecting intra-articular pathologies
Daniel Hibscher
17.41 - 17.48FPS16.6The Training Effect of a Virtual Reality Hip Arthroscopy SimulatorVikas Khanduja
17.50 - 17.57FPS16.7What Is the Revision Rate In The Learning Curve Of Arthroscopic
Hip Preservation Surgery And Why Are They Performed - Is It
a Failure Of Patient Selection Or Surgical Technique?
Joshua Harris
17.59 - 18.06FPS16.8Pain Management Trends in Hip ArthroscopyTravis Menge
18.06 - 18.30FP Discussion and Wrap Up
20.00 - 23.00Gala Dinner - Casio de Madrid (Optional Ticketed Event)
Coaches depart the Melia Castilla at 19:30

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