Saturday 19th October

Parallel and Plenary Sessions

08.00 - 09.20S17Free Paper Session
Room: Doblon Room
Eyal Amar
Pil Whan Yoon
08.00 - 08.04Introduction
08.04 - 08.11FPS17.1Predictors of Mid-Term Clinical Outcomes
After Hip Arthroscopy: A Prospective Analysis
of 1038 Patients with 5-Year Follow-Up
Ajay Lall
08.17 - 08.24FPS17.2Mental Health Disorders in Hip Arthroscopy:
An Evaluation of its Prevalence and Associated Factors
Guillaume Dumont
08.30 - 08.37FPS17.3FABER Distance on Clinical Exam Compared
to Exam Under Anesthesia to Determine Contribution
of Soft Tissue Constraint in Patients with FAI
Lorenzo Fagotti
08.43 - 08.50FPS17.4Bernese periacetabular osteotomy. Is the operative
fluoroscopy more reliable than the intraoperative
radiography to assess an adequate acetabular correction?
Alan Garin
08.56 - 09.03FPS17.5Effect of Post-Free Distraction Arthroscopy on Acute Pain,
Discharge Time and Narcotic Consumption
Robert Kollmorgen
09.09 - 09.16FPS17.6Iliopsoas-related Pathology, Prevalence, and Procedures
Findings and Outcomes from a Large Hip Arthroscopy
Study Group
Dean Matsuda
08.00 - 09.05PL5 Trainee Competition Presentations
Room: Auditorium
Tony Andrade
Olufemi Ayeni
08.00 - 08.05Introduction
08.05 - 08.12PL5.1How can we define clinically important improvement in pain scores after hip arthroscopy for femoroacetabular impingement syndrome? Minimum two-year follow-up studyEdward Beck
08.15 - 08.22PL5.2Femoroacetabular impingement syndrome is strongly
predictive for development of hip osteoarthritis
within 10 years follow-up: data from the CHECK cohort
Rintje Agricola
08.25 - 08.32PL5.3Promising outcomes of hip mosaicplasty by minimally
invasive anterior approach using osteochondral
autografts from the ipsilateral femoral head
Roxana Viamont
08.35 - 08.42PL5.4Does hip joint preservation surgery prevent total hip
Mark Sohatee
08.45 - 08.52 PL5.5Acetabular Retroversion Has Increased Prevalence
in Patients Presenting With Slipped Upper Femoral
Epiphysis: A Significant Risk Factor?
Pranai Buddhdev
08.55 - 09.02PL5.6Sharp Ledge Adjoining the Articular Cartilage Following
Femoral Osteochondroplasty Does Not Create Instability
in the Hip Joint
Lionel Lazaro
09.05 - 09.20PL6ISHA travelling fellow’s presentations
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Hassan Sadri
09.05 - 09.12PL6.1UKPrania Buddhev
09.13 - 09.20PL6.2CanadaLee Ekert
09.30 - 10.30AGM
Room: Auditorium
10.30 - 11.00Refreshment Break - Trade Exhibition and E-Posters
11.00 - 11.30PL7Presidential guest speaker: Elite Athletes: The Future
of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning
and Artificial Intelligence.
Dan Drawbaugh
11.30 - 12.00PL8Keynote Speaker: Founder and Drummer of U2Larry Mullen Jr
12.00 12.15AwardsChair: Damian Griffin
Richard Villar Award for best Trainee's presentationRichard Villar
ISHA Basic Science Research Award Hal Martin
ISHA Physiotherapy Research AwardAmir Takla
Mike Voight
Top scores in virtual hip arthroscopyOliver Marín-Peña
Best hip preservation team posterLuis Pérez Carro
Joseph McCarthy Award for ScholarshipJoseph McCarthy
12.15 - 13.00Closing Cermony
12.15 - 12.30Presidential address and HandoverMarc Philippon
12.30 - 12:40Presidential IntroductionMichael Dienst
12.40 -12.50Look forward to ISHA 2020Sasha Carsen
12.50 - 13.00CloseDamian Griffin
Oliver Marín-Peña
Luis Pérez Carro

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