Programme At A Glance 2018

Main Topics

Femoro-acetabular impingements (FAI)Pincer, Cam, acetabular retroversion, torsion
Instability/DDHLigaments, bone, teres
Peritrochanteric pathologyGluteus, fascia lata, bursitis
Deep gluteal syndromePiriformis, sciatic, ischiofemoral
Extrarticular impingementPsoas, subspine, trochanteric, isquiofemoral, hip spine
Conservative treatment, sports and general issuesPain, anaesthesia, rehabilitation,recovery
Traumatic injuries(except peritrochanteric space)
Cartilage, Muscles and tendinous injuries
OtherAnatomy, imaging, unusual problems, open hip preservation, complications, outcomes, the future

Future Meetings